Tax Update 2020

Thank you for joining the annual Hantzmon Wiebel Tax Update!

Use this page to view videos and handouts from the 2020 Tax Update. Content is grouped by the time of day in which it was presented during the event. 

Session 1

8:30 – 10:10am

Who CARES? – A Tax Update in Four Acts

Presenters: Helene Downs, David Harris
Description: The session provides most entertaining review of tax changes that you will see this year.
Level: Basic

Session 2

10:25 – 11:15am

Ghosts of the TCJA: QBI, QOZ & Sec. 163(j)

Presenters: Kendra Stribling, Josh Reifel
Description: With all the excitement of 2020 and the CARES Act, the TCJA seems like a long time ago. This session will provide an update and overview of three key aspects of the TCJA: the Qualified Business Income deduction, Qualified Opportunity Zones, and the Sec. 163(j) interest expense limitation.
Level: Basic

Session 3

11:25am – 12:15pm

COVID-19 Impact on State and Local Taxes

Presenters: Amber Canody, Mark McCutcheon
Description: This session provides an overview of how the pandemic has affected state and local taxes for both employers and employees.
Level: Basic

Session 4

1:00 – 2:40pm

Partnership Taxation: A Brief Overview

Presenters: Glenn Lankford, Josh Reifel
Description: A mixture of update and review, this session cover a broad range of partnership tax rules, including basis calculation and reporting, debt allocations, distributions, and others.
Level: Intermediate

Taxes for Auditors

Presenters: Rich Busofsky, Monte Glanzer
Description: Auditors become knowledgeable about the accounting and operations of a client’s business. That knowledge can translate well into tax return preparation and review. This session will cover tax return topics that every auditor should be familiar with to aid in effective preparation, review, and overall communication with the tax department and the client.
Level: Basic

Pathways to Retirement

Presenters: Celia Lankford, Ian Walsh
Description: Retirement plans remain relevant in our industry as average lifespans far exceed normal retirement age. This session will provide a basic understanding of the types of retirement plans as well as fundamental planning and advising concepts.
Level: Basic

Session 5

2:55 – 3:45pm

International Tax Update

Presenters: Carrie Brubaker, Fay Paurillo
Description: In this session, we will review some of the more common foreign forms for foreign tax reporting in the US as these apply to citizens and residents as well as nonresident aliens with US source income. We will also look into the available tools we have for research on foreign tax reporting and briefly discuss some changes we will expect to see in 2021.
Level: Intermediate

Basics of Tax Research

Presenters: Charlie Beckum, Chris Brown
Description: US tax rules come from many legislative, judicial, and administrative sources. This session will summarize the sources of US tax law and describe the relative authority accorded to each.
Level: Basic

Choice of Entity

Presenter: Larry Martin
Description: The tax structure of a business will likely have a significant impact on the long term rewards available to its owners. Too often, business owners (and some of their advisors) gloss over this important consideration of choosing the right tax entity. This session will present some of the fundamental considerations in choosing the type of business entity, including choices at its formation, during its life cycle, and at the exit of the owners.
Level: Basic

Session 6

3:55 – 4:45pm

Social Security Basics

Presenter: Gerri Carr
Description: This presentation will introduce the basics of Social Security to help attendees address client questions about Social Security’s role in their retirement planning. Some planning opportunities will be addressed as well.
Level: Basic

All’s Well that Ends Well: Tax Aspects of Business Exit Planning

Presenter: Chris Brubaker
Description: One thing all businesses have in common is that they will eventually experience an ownership transfer. Fortunately, proper planning can help to make an owner’s exit as successful as possible. This session will explore tax aspects of several forms of business transfers.
Level: Intermediate

Year-end Tax Planning: The Good, the Bad, the Unknown

Presenter: Jeff Ulmer
Description: This session will look at various last minute year-end planning opportunities for businesses and individuals. It will also look at some of the 2021 tax changes proposed by President-elect Biden and how that could impact year-end planning for 2020.
Level: Basic


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