We recently sat down with Glenn Lankford, Partner, to learn a little more about him. Glenn and wife Celia, who also works at the Firm, celebrated their 29th anniversary in May. They have two grown boys. Daniel lives in LA, and works for a production company. Jason is working on his CPA and works for an accounting firm in Bellevue, Washington.

Glenn has been a CPA for 38 years and his favorite thing about this industry is learning new things. Right now, he’s focused on international tax. He started working with international tax in the ’90s and has put a greater emphasis on it lately.

“This is my last reinvention of myself before I retire,” says Glenn. He plans to retire in 2024, so we get to benefit from his expertise for a while longer.

Like most people, his least favorite things about the industry are time sheets and billing in general.

Outside of work, his hobbies include playing alto sax in the Municipal Band and with a sax quartet; reading; biking and cooking. He jokingly says he aspires to be the “crotchety old man in the neighborhood everyone stays away from” in his retirement. We know that will never happen since he is as kind-hearted as he is smart.

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