Whether he’s troubleshooting a software issue or fixing a hardware problem, Cam is the man we call when we’re having computer issues. We sat down with him to learn a little more about his background and interests.

He grew up in Orange and went to PVCC for his Associates in Science and Technology. He started working with a company right after graduation where he worked with circuit boards and testing. He stayed with the electronics and hardware side for a few years with a couple of companies and eventually landed with Worldstrides where he gained experience at the help desk. After a stint at Parasense in Madison, Cam came here.

“I’m very grateful. When I started, I had a very limited skill set and Hantzmon Wiebel took a chance on me,” says Cam.

Now, we can’t imagine our day without him. Cam said that everything has evolved since he started here 12 years ago, including a recent migration to a cloud-based program that has the highest security and backup support.

In his spare time, Cam plays drums in an original rock band, Congenial Crime. They write their own music and play gigs in town, with The Southern being one of his favorites. Their lead guitar player just completed his PhD and is moving to Boston, so Cam doesn’t know if the band will continue. He also says that the gigs get harder and harder the older he gets. With that said, Cam enjoys the creative release he gets from music and knows he can’t stay away from it.

Cam lives with his wife, Christina, his two young boys, Cole, 13, and Owen, 10, and also a rescue dog, Molly.

Cole loves to treasure hunt with a metal detector, runs track and is a rising 9th grader. Owen, who is “wide open,” plays soccer and piano and is a rising 6th grader.

Cam’s claim to fame is he ALWAYS catches the shrimp at Sakura, and his life motto is, “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” Thanks, Cam, for making sure we can get on the network and do our work!




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