Small Business Accounting

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Get the information you need to manage and grow your business. Our firm has been serving small businesses for over 90 years. We understand the pressures you face, and we can help you develop and implement an accounting system that will let you make good business decisions. We can also help you with payroll, sales, and other tax compliance. Your Hantzmon Wiebel team has the experience and expertise to help you take the next right step.


· Accounting/bookkeeping

· Tax reporting and compliance

· Payroll

· QuickBooks and other accounting software

· Financial statement preparation

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Meet The Team

Jennifer Lehman, CPA circle pic with bricks in the background

Jennifer S. Lehman has more than 20 years of public accounting experience, joining Hantzmon Wiebel in 1997. She is a co-partner-in-charge of employee benefit plan audit practice, and also works with high net worth individuals and a variety of their businesses. Jennifer enjoys working with her clients, solving problems and helping them remain in compliance with audit, tax, and general business regulations. She also consults with her clients on human resource matters and strategic planning issues.

Before becoming the Firm’s Chief Executive Officer in October 2017, Jennifer served as the Firm’s Chief Operating Officer for 10 years, overseeing operations, personnel, marketing, and technology with a special focus on creating a first-class environment for the Firm’s team.

Christine Lindsay, CPA, wearing black blazer with orange shirt, grey bricks in the backround

Christine Lindsay has more than 20 years of public accounting experience, joining Hantzmon Wiebel in 2018. She has particular knowledge in both accounting and auditing, and in the areas of individual and business taxation. Christine enjoys working closely with her clients, addressing each client’s specific business and financial needs to improve their accounting processes.

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