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Get the guidance you need to protect your business. Our firm has been serving businesses for over 90 years, and we have mastered the art of incorporating and utilizing technology to stay ahead of the curve. We understand the pace at which technology has changed and the need to adapt. Our team specializes in cybersecurity services designed to help clients meet new compliance requirements and stay current with general best practices to protect your organization. Your Hantzmon Wiebel team has the experience and expertise to help you take the next right step.


  • Cybersecurity internal control assessment
  • IT policy development
  • Cybersecurity internal control framework consulting
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Meet The Team

Matt Dean CPA in circle with grey brick background

Matthew Dean began his career at Hantzmon Wiebel as an intern in 2005 and came on board full time in 2007. Matt enjoys working with his clients and learning about their operations. This often results in ideas about how they can strengthen internal controls and accounting procedures to benefit their organizations. He has particular knowledge in cybersecurity advising, data analytics, non-profit and closely-held business accounting and auditing. 

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