Accounting and Auditing

Our accounting and auditing practice stands at the core of our business. Our service provides clients with valuable financial information to help them run their organizations better.

What sets us apart? We think like entrepreneurs, which translates to exceptional client communication and responsiveness. We combine outstanding depth of knowledge in the technical aspects of accounting and auditing with the industry-specific experience our clients need. Our staff training and use of technology keeps our team up to speed on ever-evolving standards and rules, and we proactively share this information so that our clients always receive information on the changes that will affect them.

Accountant team discussing business goals

Our Accounting and Auditing Services Include:

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations
Which level of service do you need? We will help you decide based on how you plan to use your financial statements.

Agreed-upon Procedures
We will perform the specific tests and procedures you require and report back to you on our findings.

Financial Projections, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Forecasting
These services deliver crucial information that helps organizations plan for the future.

Accounting for Business Combinations 
Whether buying, selling, or merging a company, we can help you prepare for and structure the deal and perform due diligence.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Federal law requires qualified employee benefits plans with 100+ participants to be audited. Our specialized team can perform both full-scope and limited-scope audits. Read more

Accounting Records Maintenance
For small businesses, we can help design accounting systems and maintain accounting records. 

Internal Control Consulting and Assessments
This service evaluates existing controls and identifies areas for improvement to increase efficiency and deter fraud.

A-133 Audits
We perform audits for entities that spend more than $750,000 annually in federal funds, which requires them to participate in A-133 or “single audits.”

For more information, please contact: 


P. Frank Berry, CPA
W. Keith Haney, CPA
Kevin L. Keller, CPA
Jennifer S. Lehman, CPA, CGMA
Edward Schmitz, CPA, CFE, CGMA
Phillip W. Shiflett, CPA
Travis W. Simpson, CPA
Robin C. Swink, CPA

Clarissa Brown Hoffman, CPA
Matthew J. Dean, CPA
Monte J. Glanzer, CPA
Matthew W. Hale, CPA
Christine M. Lindsay, CPA
Brittany S. Maynard, CPA
Jyoti A. Saggar, CPA
Mark Wheeler, CPA/ABV/CFF


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