Nonprofit Organizations

At Hantzmon Wiebel, we know nonprofit organizations from the inside out. We proudly support the mission of many worthy organizations. Members of our firm serve on more than 40 nonprofit boards. 

Our Firm serves a broad range of nonprofit organizations including:

  • College and university foundations
  • Historic properties
  • Health and welfare organizations
  • Public and private foundations
  • 501(c)(3) charitable organizations
  • Private schools

In addition to our traditional accounting and tax services, our services for nonprofit organizations include:

Audits, Reviews, and Compilations
Which level of service do you need? We will help you decide based on how you plan to use your financial statements.

Form 990 Preparation
Tax-exempt organizations must file this form annually. The accuracy of its disclosures function as key factors in fundraising and public relations.

Application for Tax-Exempt Status
Filing the IRS 501(c)(3) application acts as a crucial step toward generating tax-deductible donations and accessing certain grants.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Federal law requires qualified audits for employee benefits plans with 100+ participants. Our specialized team can perform both full-scope and limited-scope audits.

Internal Controls Review
This service evaluates existing controls and identifies areas for improvement to increase efficiency and deter fraud.

Planned Giving
We can weigh in on how your organization can work with donors to leverage their philanthropic plans in a tax-advantaged way.

Executive Compensation Issues
Let us help you determine an appropriate compensation plan that aligns with nonprofit benchmarks.

Endowment Fund Guidance
Whether you have one or need one, an endowment fund must be carefully managed to preserve value and meet spending requirements.

Board Governance Review
Fine-tuning the board’s performance can have a significant impact on your organization. We can assess your current situation and share best practices on board structure and processes.

Unrelated Business Income
A portion of your income may be subject to unrelated business income tax if it meets certain tax code requirements. We’ll make sure you meet the requirements.

For more information about our nonprofit organizations team, click the links below.

P. Frank Berry, CPA

Richard M. Busofsky, CPA

Matthew J. Dean, CPA, CITP

Monte J. Glanzer, CPA

W. Keith Haney, CPA

Edward J. Schmitz, CPA, CFE, CGMA

Travis W. Simpson, CPA

Jeffrey D. Ulmer, CPA


Clarissa Brown Hoffman, CPA

Celia J. Lankford, CPA

Christine M. Lindsay, CPA


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