Hantzmon Wiebel COVID-19 Action Plan


March 15, 2020

Dear Hantzmon Wiebel Clients and Colleagues,

While we all continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the Partners and Team Members of Hantzmon Wiebel want to reaffirm our commitment to the health and safety of our clients and our community. We would like to inform you of a few changes we have implemented within the Firm that will allow us to continue to provide you with excellent service during this time.

Beginning this past Friday, we implemented a remote access plan for our entire team. Though our office remains open, we encouraged all team members who are in the high-risk population of complications from COVID-19 to work remotely for their own health and safety. Other team members have this same option.

Without knowing that our community would be facing this crisis, we have been implementing various changes to our processes over the past few years that positions us well to be able to effectively serve you and your tax, assurance and accounting needs in this very situation. We have continuously upgraded our technology and implemented the highest levels of security for your data while ensuring minimal to no disruption in service. We have been strategically moving toward providing highly portable equipment for all of our team members in order to increase personal flexibility and continue our commitment to serving you.

In light of the available technology and in the interest of everyone’s well being, we strongly encourage everyone to limit group gatherings and in-person meetings. Suggested alternatives include virtual meetings, conference calls, individual telephone calls and email. When an in-person meeting is required, we will do our part to ensure appropriate precautions are taken to protect everyone.

Even though our office remains active, we anticipate a significant decrease in the number of team members who are physically present in the building. And though we enjoy seeing each one of you, we would like to encourage you to convey as much of your information and documentation as possible to us using either the postal service or our secure file transfer portal, Share Safe. Likewise, we would like to have the option to deliver your returns, financial statements and other information to you electronically if this process is not already in place with you. If you are currently receiving paper copies of these and are willing to change to electronic delivery, please notify your assigned team member at the Firm.

Please note, as of this time, there are no confirmed changes to the Federal tax deadlines or filing requirements, but we believe a change is possible. If there is no change, we anticipate extending more tax returns than in previous years and appreciate your cooperation and understanding if this becomes necessary.

In an attempt to keep this communication brief, I may not have answered all of the questions that you may have for us. If this is the case, please feel free to reach out to your contacts within the Firm or to me directly for additional information.

Thank you for your continued confidence and trust in Hantzmon Wiebel.

All the best,

Jennifer Lehman
Partner and CEO